Harry Crane and His Computer

You might think that Harry Crane was just an ancillary character on the critically acclaimed AMC show, Mad Men. You might think that Harry Crane was a representation of the everyday evils of 1960's toxic masculinity. You might not think of Harry Crane at all. But if you're not thinking about Harry Crane and his love for Sterling Cooper & Partners's IBM Computer, you're missing out on the greatest love story of the show (yes, even including Peggy and Stan). This page is dedicated to the romance between man and computer-- specifically, Harry Crane and His Computer.

This romance begins in the hallowed halls of Sterling Cooper & Partners in 1969. Convinced by Harry that the future of the agency depends on cutting edge technology, Management (less one Don Draper) had made the decision to plant their shiny new IBM in the creative lounge. Not everyone's so happy about that, but hey, Lou Avery knows better than the Scooby Gang.

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